Tailor-Made Training on Climate Resilient Agriculture for Tewa Grantee Partners

Climate change is becoming a global issue and posing a great threat to the lives of many farmers as it is already affecting agriculture. Increased uncertainties of weather pattern have caused serious distress to the agricultural system. So, many studies have reported that future climate change will probably increase the risk of food insecurity for some vulnerable groups such as the poor.

Since Nepalese farmers whose mainstay is agriculture are hard hit by such distress in agriculture caused by climate change, farmers need to be equipped with new skills and social learning to continuously adapted agriculture decision-making. Climate Resilient Agriculture (CRA) is an approach to transform and reorient agricultural development under the new realities of climate change which enhances the capacities of farmers to cope with the negative impact of climate change and thus helps for securing sustainable livelihoods.

Participants getting acquainted with the improved farming practices. Photo: Anuja Shrestha, Tewa

Tewa is a philanthropic organization committed to empowering groups of rural women in Nepal by funding their initiatives, enhancing their capacities, and connecting them to other relevant groups, national initiatives and processes. Tewa seeks the service for the design and delivery of Tailor-Made Training (TMT) on ‘Climate Resilient Agriculture for Securing Sustainable Livelihoods’ to empowering grantee partners’ participants. This course was therefore especially designed for enhancing the capacity of grantee partners’ participants to better understand ideas behind Climate Resilient Agriculture and to acquire required set of knowledge and skills so that the participants will be able to apply and adopt good practices for securing sustainable livelihoods in the face of climate change. It was conducted at the premises of Piprahar Community Homestay Gram, Nawalparasi from 13 to 15 February 2019, and there were 27 women participants from nine grantee partner organizations of eight districts.

During a field visit to climate smart village at Rajahar, Nawalparasi. Photo: Anuja Shrestha, Tewa

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